Healthy frying for the entire family: Steba presents Air Fryer HF 8000 FAMILY 

22.02.2022 – The traditional company Steba Elektrogeräte is extending its portfolio of air fryers by launching the HF 8000 FAMILY, an all-rounder with a generous 8-litre deep-frying container that provides enough capacity for large servings.

Deep-fried food such as chips and co. tastes fantastic, but is unfortunately unhealthy in larger quantities. Steba offers a simple solution to the problem by enabling low-fat frying, baking and grilling with its air fryers. Thereby, food is prepared with a hot, steady stream of air. Due to the fast and even heat distribution, crispy and low-calorie dishes can be prepared without or with very little oil. This turns chips & co. into healthy fast food for everyday use in no time.

The Steba Air Fryer HF 8000 FAMILY has an 8-litre non-stick frying container that offers enough space for large portions for the whole family. Despite its size, the air fryer heats up to operating temperature in no time at all, while consuming very little energy. The temperature can be regulated up to 200°C.

Its 8 pre-set automatic programmes guarantee perfect results at the touch of a button for chips, chicken, fish and even cakes. The integrated 60-minute timer provides additional comfort of use. A safety microswitch allows you to control the food during frying without interrupting the programme.

The Steba Air Fryer HF 8000 FAMILY is now available at selected electrical retailers or directly at Steba Elektrogeräte.

“We are proud that our grill ovens meet the demanding criteria and that we can call ourselves ‘Brand of the century'”, says Markus Müller, Managing Director of Steba. “This award confirms that our promise of ‘Quality. Reliability. Competence.’ is not just a brand claim, but something our customers and partners can always rely on.”