New dream team for hobby star chefs: Steba Sous-Vide Cooker SV 60 and Steba Vacuum Sealer VK 12 DOUBLE SEAL

16.04.2021 – The traditional company Steba Elektrogeräte has made a name for itself in the field of small electrical kitchen appliances in its more than 100-year-old history. The combination of the Steba Vacuum Sealer VK 12 DOUBLE SEAL with the Steba Sous-Vide Cooker SV 60 enables even amateur chefs to prepare star quality dishes at home.

  • Vacuum sealer with extra sealing function, single or double seal and “Pulse Vac” for pressure-sensitive food
  • Sous-vide cooker with precise temperature setting between 25 and 95 °C (max. 0.1 °C deviation) for optimum results
  • Gentle process from preservation to preparation to preserve as many vitamins and flavours as possible

The new Steba VK 12 DOUBLE SEAL vacuum sealer makes preserving food at home child’s play. The powerful vacuum sealer with a vacuuming speed of 12 litres per minute generates a maximum vacuum of up to 0.8 bar. This means that even longer vacuuming sessions can be carried out effortlessly and without a break. The additional sealing functions are adapted to all types of food and their special features during vacuuming: In addition to simple sealing for dry contents, the VK 12 DOUBLE SEAL can also create two sealing seams at the same time. This is particularly useful for moist or even marinated food, when the liquid might interrupt the first seal. Besides, the VK 12 DOUBLE SEAL has an extended sealing function. This means that the heat is applied to the vacuum film for a little longer than usual, to be on the safe side when sealing. Another remarkable feature is the special handle, which allows the vacuum sealer to be operated with just one hand. The VK 12 DOUBLE SEAL vacuum sealer comes with a hose connection (for vacuuming in containers) and a film cutter.


The Steba Sous-Vide Cooker SV 60 helps to prepare dishes gently, and thus preserves minerals and flavours. The temperature and cooking time can be set precisely. Due to the relatively low but constant cooking temperature, meat, fish and vegetables are cooked evenly and homogeneously in the water bath. The sous-vide stick can be attached to any standard household pot from 15 cm depth via a clamping handle and is waterproof to IPX 7 standard. 4 automatic programs and 3 colour indicators (heating, cooking, end of cooking time) on the LED display assist a quick start into the world of sous-vide cooking.


The Steba Sous-Vide Cooker SV 60 and Steba Vacuum Sealer VK 12 DOUBLE SEAL are now available at selected electrical retailers or directly at Steba Elektrogeräte.