Steba Elektrogeräte launches its flattest BBQ Table Grill VG 30 SLIM

02.02.2021 – In its more than 100-year history of small electrical appliances, the traditional company Steba Elektrogeräte has announced to launch its flattest table grill ever.

  • Ultra-thin BBQ with only 6 cm height
  • High-quality non-stick coated grill plate with 48.5 x 26 cm grilling surface
  • Low-fat: fat and frying liquid run into a collector bowl

With a height of only 6 cm, storing is no problem, even in small spaces. Despite the minimalist height, its large grilling surface of 48.5 x 26 cm is in no way inferior to the larger ones. Juicy steaks and sausages, skewers and vegetables of all kinds always turn out perfectly on the die-cast aluminium grill plate. You can choose whether you want the food to be grilled in a striped pattern or whether you prefer fried eggs, fish or seafood on the smooth grill surface. The high-quality non-stick coating ensures easy and hygienic cleaning. Nutrition-conscious grill experts will love the VG 30 SLIM for its low-fat function, among other things: Grease and excess frying liquid automatically drain into a collector bowl, allowing for reduced-fat barbecue fun. With the VG 30 SLIM, there are no limits to what you can enjoy.

Thanks to the integrated heating element, the VG 30 SLIM is ready for use in a short time at full heating power without a long wait. With the infinitely variable temperature control, you always have full control over the grill and can either keep the temperature constant or adjust it variably to the food being grilled – a clear advantage over conventional charcoal barbecues. A special feature of the VG 30 SLIM is the above-average cable length of 2 m, which means that inconvenient laying of extension cables is a thing of the past once and for all. Even when the weather is bad, the VG 30 SLIM guarantees a successful barbecue party – if it suddenly starts to rain, simply continue barbecuing inside! That’s only possible with an electric barbecue!

The Steba BBQ Table Grill VG 30 SLIM is now available at selected electrical retailers or directly at Steba Elektrogeräte.