Steba launches the LR 12 air purifier with PM 2.5 fine dust sensor

20.09.2021 – The traditional company Steba Elektrogeräte is expanding its portfolio of air treatment appliances and is launching the LR 12 air purifier, a powerful appliance with PM 2.5 fine dust sensor. The integrated sensor measures the air quality in real time and automatically adjusts its performance. A display visually shows the corresponding measured air pollution. Equipped with a two-stage filtration model, the LR 12 achieves efficient cleaning of the air and thus improves the air quality in living spaces of up to 30 m² or 80 m³.

The indoor air in your own household is often more polluted than you first think. Regular ventilation with wide-open windows is a good way to freshen the indoor air and prevent mould growth. However, in addition to the particles already present in the household, fine dust, pollen and other pollutants can also enter the living space with the fresh air.

The Steba LR 12 air purifier combats pollutants, removes odours and improves the air quality in living spaces. The device is particularly suitable for asthmatics and allergy sufferers, but also for families with small children or pets. Equipped with a PM 2.5 fine dust sensor, it measures the air quality in real time and automatically adjusts its output (four power levels). The determined air condition is visually displayed by means of a traffic light system:

  • green – optimal (at a pollution level between 0 – 50 μg/m³)
  • yellow – moderate (51 – 150 μg/m³)
  • red – poor (from 150 μg/m³)

The filter system consists of two filter stages that achieve efficient cleaning of the air: The built-in HEPA filter of class H13 filters 99.95 % of pollen, bacteria and fine dust in the air. An activated carbon filter also binds odours and gaseous pollutants. An integrated ioniser enriches the air with ions and thus creates a pleasant room climate.

The LR 12 is characterised by a low sound emission value of 40 dB and has a low power consumption of maximum 30 watts. With a cleaning performance (CADR = Clean Air Delivery Rate) of up to 150 m³/h, it is suitable for room sizes of approx. 30 m² or 80 m³ and is ideal for use in communal rooms, but also in bedrooms.

The Steba LR 12 air purifier is now available from selected electrical retailers or directly from the Steba Elektrogeräte factory outlet in Strullendorf.