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  • Asparagus pot with meatballs

    Our asparagus pot is full of ingredients that will be enjoyed by the whole family: Alongside with asparagus, juicy meatballs, hollandaise sauce, carrots and spring onions all go into the oven.  The result: a filling low carb dish that can also be enjoyed wonderfully with pasta, potatoes or rice.   Preparation time: in total approx. …

  • Zoodles with meatballs and tomato sauce

      “Zucchini noodles”, better known as zoodles (a mix of the words zucchini (German for courgette) and noodles), are a great alternative for those who want to eat low-carb but don’t want to give up on pasta dishes. With this recipe, we combine the pasta alternative with classic Italian cuisine! 😍   Preparation time: approx. …