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  • Panini with tomato mozzarella

    Crispy juicy paninis are perfect as a snack. Whether in front of the TV, in the lunch break or in between, when it has to go fast. To go with it, we have a recipe that is guaranteed to please everyone.   Preparation time: in total approx. 15 minutes in total Servings:  4 portions   …

  • Grilled Cheese Sandwich with caramelised onions

    What’s better than cheese? That’s right, melted cheese! Today’s recipe is the definition of cheesy comfort food: the Grilled Cheese Sandwich. For an extra special touch, we pimp the classic with caramelised onions red wine onions…   Preparation time: in total approx. 10 minutes Ingredients: 8 slices of white bread 4 slices of cheddar 75 …