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  • Panini with tomato mozzarella

    Crispy juicy paninis are perfect as a snack. Whether in front of the TV, in the lunch break or in between, when it has to go fast. To go with it, we have a recipe that is guaranteed to please everyone.   Preparation time: in total approx. 15 minutes in total Servings:  4 portions   …

  • Fancy Raclette Recipes: Eggplant-Tomato & Goat-Cheese-Pear Pan

      To make your next raclette night extra special, we have two fancy recipes for you to feast on:   Ingredients: (We have refrained from specifying exact quantities at this point) Eggplant Tomato Sauce Pear Goat cheese roll (alternative: Camembert) some walnuts, chopped and roasted some rosemary & oregano Preparation: Eggplant-Tomato Pan: Grill eggplant slices …