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  • Breakfast Bowl

    Breaksfast Bowls are not only eye-catchers, but also provide you with lots of power for the day! This is where creamy yoghurt meets fresh fruit, crunchy nuts and crispy granola!   Preparation time: in total approx. 5 minutes Servings: for approx. 1 person   Ingredients: 200 g yoghurt 50 g raspberries 50 g blueberries 30 …

  • Layered yoghurt in a jar

      May we present you with a quick and easy dish for your buffet? Our layered yoghurt in a jar looks great and is super easy to prepare. Serve it either for breakfast or as a dessert.   Preparation time: in total approx. 10 minutes Ingredients: 150 g granola (or a cereal of your choice) …