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About Steba

Brand. People. Story.

Family Business since 1919

“Quality. Reliability. Competence.” This statement remains true to the third-generation managed family business. Starting with agricultural food steamers, as well as household irons, toasters and kettles in the 20s to 50s, Steba today stands for a broad and modern product range with its strategic product categories of sous-vide cookers, electric BBQs, fryers, baking ovens and much more. At that time, as well as today, some articles are produced by long-standing and quality-conscious employees in our factory in Strullendorf near Bamberg and are exported to more than 45 countries worldwide. Steba has developed into a leading company for electric BBQs, sous-vide cookers and raclettes and today stands for high quality standards and service through its “Made in Germany” production. So, in 100 years Steba has become what it is today.

  1. 2022

    Award „Marke des Jahrhunderts“

    Steba convinces – above all the independent jury of the Zeit publishing group and thus joins the top class of German companies! With the award in the category “Grill Ovens”, Steba characterises and represents the entire product category.

  2. 2010s

    Cooking like a pro: the SV 200 PRO from our Sous-Vide collection

  3. 2018

    Management and administration of Steba Elektrogeräte GmbH & Co. KG, 2018

  4. 2018

    Steba Team, 2018

  5. 2000s

    Electrical devices “Made in Germany”
    the premium Raclette RC 4 Plus and our contact grill PG 4.4

  6. 2000s

    CNC measuring machine, 2000s

  7. 1990s

    Contact grill KG 63, 1990s

  8. 1980

    Deep fryer with hinged radiators, 1980

  9. 1970s

    Deep fryer FGN-F/a, early 1970s

  10. 1960s

    Heater HG 02, 1960s

  11. 1955

    Design-heater, approx. 1955

  12. 1955

    Infrared table grill, approx. 1955

  13. 1955

    First booth of Steba, Hannover-Messe, 1955

  14. 1936

    Catalogue pages of various Steba brochures from 1936

  15. 1936

    Assembly hall of the production in Bamberg, approx. 1936

  16. 1934

    Polishing department of the production in Bamberg, approx. 1934

  17. 1928

    Advertising poster for the Steba agricultural food steamer, produced since 1928

  18. 1926

    Toaster with reversal device, Reich’s patent from 24th June 1926

  19. 1924

    Certificate of the BLGA, 1924

  20. 1920s

    Travel iron with heating device for a curling iron, 1920s

  21. 1919

    Steba trademark since 1919

About Steba

The company Steba was founded in 1919 in the center of the city Bamberg, Bavaria.


The family-run business is led in the third generation and has relocated its headquarter and all manufacturing plants to Strullendorf, regency of Bamberg, in 1972.


Well-known companies in the small electrical industry still have appliances developed and produced by Steba. With around 80 employees, Steba manufactures appliances such as contact grills and raclettes "Made in Germany" at its production site in Strullendorf. Young people are also integrated into everyday working life at Steba. Currently, 5 % of the workforce are being trained in the areas of toolmaking and office management.

Successful: IFA in Berlin

Müller family

In 1950, Steba developed the first electric fan heater for private households, followed by the first electric rotisserie grill in 1956 and the first immersion heating deep fryer for households in 1960.


Today, Steba is market-leading in the fields of raclette, electric BBQ grills, contact grills and sous-vide cookers. The company is constantly expanding its expertise to provide innovative, appealing and demand-oriented products to its customers. Amongst others, the products are sold at Media Markt and Saturn, expert, MediMax, Globus, EP, EK, Euronics, by mail order, as well as in online trade in Germany.


Furthermore, the company is a supplier for the automotive industry. Pilot batches and prototypes for the cars of the future are manufactured on the modern machinery.

left: axial heater, 1962
right: Fan VT 360 TWIST, 2022

left: first electric heater, 1950
right: Ceramic heater KH 4, 2022

Fair dates

01.09. - 05.09.2023

IFA, Berlin


20.09. - 22.09.2023
EK Servicegroupe, Bielefeld


23.09. - 24.09.2023
expert, Cologne


26.01. - 30.01.2024

Ambience, Frankfurt

Ambiente, consumer goods fair

26 - 30 January 2024
Hall 8 - Level 0 - Stand C51

IFA , International Consumer Electronics Fair

01 - 05 September 2023
Hall 4.1 - Stand 201


Pro Business ElektroHausgeräte e.V

Active for SMEs for 20 years

ProBusiness ElektroHausgeräte e.V. is a marketing initiative founded in 2003 by medium-sized manufacturers and sales organisations in the field of electrical household appliances in Germany.

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Social commitment

Erich-Kästner-Kinderdorf, KästnerHof (ehem. Wiesenmühle), 97516 Oberschwarzach


"There are still children who cannot live with their families. The reasons for this can be varied and complex (social causes, family difficulties, individual problems).


These children find a new home in five children's village families. Great care is taken to recognize the special difficulties of the young people and to respond to them. On their way to independence, the children receive a high degree of curative and therapeutic support.


The author Erich Kästner is a great role model for the Children's Village. His attitude towards the children, which is determined by love, appreciation and compassion, is a supporting element of our daily pedagogical routine."


For years Steba is committed to children who cannot spend their childhood in a warm-hearted family surrounding. That is why the Children’s Village near Bamberg is always pleased about aid of any kind.


Children's Village Erich Kästner e.V.

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